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New Product Innovation, Design & Development

Norka Technologies develops breakthrough mobile, cloud and IoT products that redefine markets. Norka utilizes an integrated approach for product definition, development, and manufacturing, with a laser sharp focus on quality, functionality, and cost that are required to make a market success.

Norka provides industrial-grade working prototypes that are ready for mass production together with business, marketing, intellectual property and certification know-how that are critical for launching new products.


A Good Start

Norka's designers, engineers, and manufacturing specialists follow a rigourous process to take advantage of new technologies, reduce risks, and accelerate time-to-market.

Norka worked on numerous projects in the following sectors:

Medical and Healthcare

  • Health Monitor
  • Disposable Insulin Device
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Audio/Video Projector Dock
  • Bluetooth Dating System
  • Anti-loss Key Chain for Mobile
  • Parked Vehicle Locator
  • Gaming Device
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Bluetooth Security Device
  • Wireless Pen
  • Voice Enabled Bank Card
  • Embedded Voice Recognition
  • Embedded Text-to-Speech
  • GSM/GPS Remote Monitoring
  • SMS Platform
  • Bluetooth Server
  • Indoor tracking
  • Electronic Lock
  • Bulk SMS Platform
  • Boat Attachment System
  • Anti-Piracy Boat Taser
  • Home Automation

  • Product Development Process

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